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Join the new trend

The way customers rent a boat has changed. Nowadays, they want the chance to compare boat rental prices and features to find the best & cheapest one like they do for flights and hotels.

Every industry has moved to price comparison model and now it’s time for boat rentals. That’s why we built Sailingscanner.

We just provide a website for customers where they can find and compare 15.000+ boats listed from 10+ websites from all around the world. We don’t rent boats, we direct customers to the supplier's website where they can complete their bookings.

We make partnerships with online boat rental marketplaces, charter agencies, brokers and independent boat owners. We can help you to reach new customers, get more bookings and make more money.


Get more bookings and make more money

Boat rental providers are increasing direct bookings by advertising their rates on Sailingscanner.


Get found on web easily

It’s very hard to get found on internet nowadays. Increase your visibility easily with us.


Targeted customers

We direct unique qualified traffics to your boats. The customers which directly interested in your location, in your boat’s specifics and on your boat!


Easy integration

Not a techie? No problem! Our development team will handle all the integration process.


No commission

We do not get any commissions from the booking.


Total support

Our team is ready to help you get started as a partner, answer questions, be your backup throughout the process.